About Me


Dear Visitor,

I have been a doll enthusiast  since I am a kid and a few years ago (in 2012), I first learned about the « American Girl » dolls in a report for the French television. I immediately fell in love with these dolls and their colourful world. I decided then to look for more information on the topic and where to buy these dolls but I was extremely disappointed when I realised that not only they were only sold in the United States but even finding information in French was nearly impossible.

A fews years later, the situation has not much changed. I feel more comfortable with English though and I am determined to create my own French pool of information on the « American Girl » dolls. I plan on writing various posts on the history of the « American Girl » brand, descriptions of the various dolls sold through the years and advice for all those who live on the « wrong » side of the Atlantic Ocean but still want to know everything about the « American Girl » dolls.

Obviously, this place will change a lot in the next few weeks/months as I gather more information and discover tips and tricks to share with my readers. That’s why I would love to hear your ideas, advice or really anything you want to tell me so I can improve this blog and connect with other « American Girl » dolls fans. You can contact me using this form.